This spell is designed to make your lover want nothing more than to be with you! They will desire you, crave you and fall madly in love with every aspect of you! It does not matter if you are married to the person, broken up or even if you haven’t seen this person in a while. You will be reunited and the sparks of love will fly! Your lover will want to remain with you and loyal to you forever, never even considering cheating. He/she will be turned off by any temptations coming from another. He/she will not find anyone but you attractive. They will only adore your beauty and will not want anything more than you. 

For the love spell to work, you must already have a connection with the person you have in mind and instead of changing their perception of you, the love spell is intended to make the connection stronger. 

You must also have a positive attitude to keep the vibration and energy high.