Do you:


•Feel misunderstood by your family or friends?


•Wish someone would listen?


•Have relationship issues?


•Deal with addiction?


•Have a hard time coping woth reality?


•Have a “mental illness” and need help coping or controlling yourself?


•Deal with abuse?


•Need a new direction in life?


•Have trouble sleeping at night?


•Deal with anxiety, depression, anger issues or stress?

If you are living with any of these issues Counseling Sessions can be a healthy way to make a turn around for the better. You may feel alone in this, but you don’t have to be. ASM genuinely cares  and is here to help you make it through the unknown.  There are wars of the mind and of this world don’t fight them alone.


All sessions are completely confidential. Your privacy is our priority.


Services provided by:

Aminifaa Self-Mastery Spiritual Consulting