If you are not familiar with the term Empath, if you are overly sensitive and you think there is something wrong with you, if you feel different like you don’t belong and on top of that you are in an abusive relationship be it with relatives or partner, if you feel stuck and no way to get out of it because you feel you don’t have the power, than most likely you need to find out who you are and what you need to live a peaceful life. Beware, emotional abuse is worse than physical abuse, it can have long term consequences. I will explain to you what an empath is, I will explain how a narcissist takes away all your power and drains you and controls you, I will teach you how to let go and how to regain your own life, in the end…you are the master of your life. Trust me, I come from the same background. I will draw a card of your choice from one of my deck to help you see through, and help you break free, if you desire I will choose 4 cards from each of my decks, at no extra cost, I aim to help. I am a Certified Rahanni Celestial Healer and in addition I am going to offer you healing for 7 days at no extra cost, I do NOT charge for the healing, as it is from my heart to yours.