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Need a Mentor? Full Mentor Guru Support

If you are brand new to Psychic Reading and need ongoing assistance, mentoring, or just need someone there to help you if you get “stuck” in a reading, or just are not sure what to do I am offering my service as your mentor.

I can help you in ANY phase of:

  • Readings
  • Promotion
  • Deciding what services to offer
  • Creating templates for your reading delivery documents
  • Connecting to clients
  • Building client loyalty
  • Other metaphysical services such as spell casting prayer, Reiki, aura cleansing
  • And much more!


  • You need help making a professional looking document to send to your clients.

I can help you design and set up a professional template that you can use and reuse for every reading or service with your images, colors, fonts, etc.

  • You are not getting business, and need to know how to find more clients.

I can help to direct you to places that are free or low cost to bring more clients to you.

  • You want to add more services, such as spell casting, prayers, cleansings, etc.

I can show you how to do this in the most effective way, and to create your deliver documents.

  • You have what appear to be impossible questions to answer.

I will help you connect and get the answers your client needs and in the most loving caring words.

New at Psychic Reading?

Starting out can be exciting but also daunting at times! There are many, many questions that can and WILL arise that a brand new psychic reader/advisor just may not yet be familiar with or may need help answering.

And then there are the recurring questions and issues that you may appreciate having the answers on hand.


  • How does a psychic reading work?
  • Why can’t you tell me exactly what date something will happen?
  • What is a “Twin Flame”?
  • What information must I give you to get the best psychic reading?
  • Can you tell me something I already know as a “test”?
  • How can you connect to me psychically through a written reading?
  • What does a recurring or unusual dream mean?
  • What are “syncs”, recurring numbers that I see, or meanings of coincidences?
  • What is an incubus, succubus, demon, or other spirit entity?
  • Why do I keep choosing the wrong man/woman?
  • What is karma?
  • What are soul mates?
  • How to handle a person who says they are considering suicide?
  • When will I die?
  • Am I pregnant? How many children will I have?
  • Medical question – Am I sick?
  • What is an Indigo?
  • What is a Star Seed?
  • What are psychic attacks?

These questions and MUCH MORE can be answered as needed with Mysty’s Full Mentor Guru Support to help you with your new career as a Psychic

Only $49 per month Full Mentor Support  –  PLUS Mystics Support  Forum

When questions or concerns arise, I will be available to guide you through your work with greater ease and provide help, tips, and advice to get you through the challenges of becoming a successful online psychic.  PLUS YOU will have access to the Mystics Support Forum where you may interact with other subscribed members to get and give additional support and advice from experts!

I will personally reply to your emails with your concerns Monday thru Friday with the best answers available. I will advise you on what to do, or where to find your answers and help you with your practice and clients as needed.

Those I currently work with tell me that my service has saved them up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and has increased their incomes up to 500%.

There is no contract, only month to month, so you may continue as long as you wish.

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Questions? Contact Mysty at admin@mysticsfive.com