Clairvoyant / psychic reading done via skype or telephone. Don’t worry – it doesn’t cost me anything to call you. A phone reading may suit you better than an email reading if you have specific & detailed questions to ask. Or we can use skype.

You’ll get the most from your reading if you have your questions ready to ask when we start. Please have them written down so that you know what you want to get out of your reading.

Just to let you know, I prefer not to look into the life of others if the question that you’re asking either doesn’t involve you or has no direct influence or affect on your life. I would prefer to have the other person’s permission to look into their life if your question about them is something that they should be asking me themselves.

When you’re ready to go ahead, please contact me prior to making this booking so that I can set up the time with you to do the reading. There is a time difference between the US and Australia, and often you’ll write to me when I’m sleeping. So kindly wait to book this gig until after we’ve set the time for the reading first.

Thanks for reading about my services, and I look forward to assisting you shortly 🙂