Includes one distance healing session with free Express Delivery (24 hours or less)

As a successful empathetic and intuitive psychic reader, I have a unique way of connecting with a person’s spiritual energy. I am now offering a one hour meditative distance healing energy session here at

For one hour, I will meditate on your area of concern – be it physical, emotional or spiritual – and I will send positive, healing energy to you from a distance. Never underestimate the power of energy – it’s all around us and within us!

Areas I can help with: Physical ailments, conditions and pain, emotional trauma such as abuse, heartbreak, etc., mental conditions, spiritual crisis, general healing and positive energy for any area of your life – career, business, love, financial situation.

If you choose the ‘extra’, I will go into a powerful meditative trance for maximum healing benefit to you.  I have had tremendous success with healing, and while I cannot absolutely guarantee results, you can see from my feedback that others have benefited tremendously.

Blessings, Love & Light,
Sunny 🙂